Emily Seasonal Disconnect

Emily Seasonal Disconnect
Notice of Seasonal Disconnect must be submitted yearly in writing. Seasonal disconnect is six months maximum or equipment must be returned at the time of the disconnect or customer will be billed for the equipment

There will be a $26.50 disconnect fee charged when services are seasonally disconnected. Reconnect date is required. There is a reconnect fee of $26.50 for short term reconnects (less than 1 week if changing the date).

Please fill out this form with your Seasonal Disconnect and Reconnect dates. If reconnect dates falls on a weekend or holiday, service will be reconnected the prior business day.
Remember that the electricity must be on for services to be reconnected and tested!

(Please only put your account number in this field. Comments can be left in the comment field below).
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Winter Rate Internet plan to keep your cameras and thermostat on while you are away. Internet speed 1meg down/5meg up which is adequate for your security devices. Maximum Winter Rate is 6 consecutive months during a 12-month period. $34.95/month
Keep ECTC.net E-mail active ($5.95/month per E-mail address) *