Seasonal Disconnect

Seasonal Disconnect

Related Fees:
$25 Disconnect
$25 Reconnect

How it works:
Let us know when you’re going on and off vacation. All equipment will remain in your home during the seasonal disconnect. If disconnect date falls on a weekend or holiday, service will be disconnected or reconnected the prior business day.

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Please check the service(s) you would like to disconnect
Winter Disconnect Rate
If you would like to leave your internet as is, or if you do not have internet, please select the following option:

TV is not offered as a stand-alone service. Internet or Telephone service must also remain active if TV service remains active.

Seasonal Phone rate may apply during seasonal disconnect for ported telephone numbers up to $10.00/ mo to retain the ported telephone number. If your telephone number starts with 218-763 or 218-692 no fee will apply.